This guy found a secret door in his new apartment. What he found is hauntingly awesome

Buying a new home is a big deal. When we own our own piece of heaven, we get to experience freedom.

When a man purchased a new place, he was excited to take a closer look around. What he didn’t expect, however, was to find a secret passage to an underground man’s cave.

The place used to be an English monastery from the 19th century that was later renovated and divided into 30 apartments. The one this man bought seemed relatively cheap for the price, and he got a bonus place.

This is what the tiny studio looks like.

Being built long time ago, the place has very high ceiling, like the ones they had centuries ago.

The high ceiling also allows the bed to be positioned at an unusual place.

The first floor includes a small bathroom.

In front of the bathroom door, there is a handle on the floor that leads to the secret place.

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