This Rescue Cat Looks Like A Bunny And Is Soo Adorable

Although this senior rescue cat has a rather murky past, many who know him fall in love with his charming look. Most rescued animals come with their own stories, or are frequently distinguished by some strange fact or physical attribute.

A cat named Peanut and nine other cats were abandoned when their owner passed away, and they ended up in an animal shelter. Since he came, it has been clear that Peanut is a little unique. In addition to being partially blind and deaf, he also has a bunny-like physical appearance.

If Peanut was born that way or if something occurred to him in the past, it is unknown why he is not like the other cats.

The curious shape of his face and the position of his ears make him be compared to a bunny. Despite his different physical characteristics, Peanut is absolutely adorable and it didn’t take long for someone to completely fall in love with him.

Mother of Peanut Sydney Benham told The Dodo:

I knew I couldn’t leave it there as soon as I saw it.

Sydney decided to adopt Peanut in September 2020 after meeting him and learning his backstory and realizing he was the ideal pet for her. Despite Peanut’s age—the woman was told by shelter personnel that he was around 8—she was happy.

When he arrived at his new home, it didn’t take long for the sweet elderly cat to settle in and he quickly showed off his pleasant personality.

Sydney commented:

“It’s hard to describe his personality, but he’s unique, he’s just loving, kind, loves to play with his fingers and bite his toes.”

Since Peanut frequently acts in ways that she finds annoying or ignores her, his mother claims that he is wiser than he appears to be.

She declared:

“His impairments in no way hinder him! He has no boundaries!

The most curious thing is that when a person meets the sweet Peanut, they cannot help but fall in love with his adorable and friendly bunny face.

Sydney added:

“People generally fall in love with him when they see him. How not to do it?! He is such a sweet boy ».

Even though Peanut is physically different in many ways, his family loves him regardless of his eccentricities and shenanigans.

It’s difficult to imagine what Peanut has been through, but most importantly, she now has a loving, forever place.

Peanut enjoys his life in the company of his family, and will continue to show off his sweet and adorable physical appearance.

If you want to know more about Peanut, you can follow him on Instagram .

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