Three Kittens Were Trapped In The Ice ON tHE Road And The Guy Was Able TO Free Them With The Help Of Coffee

We’ve all heard about the health advantages of coffee, but I doubt anyone ever imagined it might save lives.

While at work, Kendall Diwishch noticed three kittens frozen to the ground and stopped to check when he heard urgent meowing

He discovered that two of the three kittens’ tails were trapped in the ice on the ground after a closer inspection.

Diwishch needed to think quickly, so he dashed back to his car and grabbed the only item he had that could melt ice: a cup of hot coffee.

He returned it to the abandoned kittens and began pouring it around their tails; to his astonishment, the kittens began to drink it!

Fortunately, they didn’t have enough to inflict any harm.

Diwishch managed to remove the tiny kittens from the ice with no injuries or complications after a little tug.

With no sight of a mother anywhere, Diwisch took the three kittens home to warm up and feed them.

He became popular after sharing some highlights from his kitty journey on Facebook.

It’s a good thing the three kitties were discovered because it’s likely they were there all night and wouldn’t have lived much longer.

Here’s a full video of everything that happened.

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