Upon arriving home, he saw his daughter and wife in the crib

Matt and Dyana have been acquainted since they were young, and their feelings for each other have become more intense as time has passed. A delightful youngster named Luella has now been a member of their family after they were married.

Dyana recently posted a picture on Facebook of herself relaxing close to their daughter, which was shot by her husband. The accompanying story is so captivating that reading it gave me chills. I hope it will have a similar effect on you as it has on me.

We just found out about it then since our daughter Luella was screaming a lot due to her first teeth coming in. To help her unwind, I sat next her, and before long we were both dozing off.

When I woke up, Matt was already at home. He seemed worried, and tears filled his eyes. Though I was first concerned, he quickly reassured me that everything was OK; he had simply grown enthusiastic.

He became aware of his deep affection for us when he seen me with our child. We accidentally brought up a tale that our pastor had already shared with us.

We would leave Luella at home on one of those days and go to church. We encountered the clergyman after the worship, and he recounted an event he observed in an orphanage in Uganda.

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