When An Animal Rights Activist Shows That She Just Wants The Best For Her kittens The Cat Stops Growling

With the help of local animal rights activists, a woman from Arkansas cared after the cat colony, spaying and neutering wild and stray cats, but they weren’t able to keep track of them all.

Charlotte, a cat born in the colony, learned how to be elusive and evade traps. To ease her vigilance, it needed a lot of human tolerance and affection.

She was pregnant and had given birth to three kittens on a bed of hay inside a plastic container that functioned as a sanctuary for wild and stray cats just eight days before.

Charlotte’s curator immediately turned to Mew Cat Rescue, a small community of animal rights activists in Concreteville, Arkansas, for help. Holly, a volunteer caregiver, went to save the cats.

“That day I came to take them home with me, but Charlotte was apprehensive about my intentions. She was not happy that I put her children inside the carrier,” says Holly.

She refused to let Holly touch her and hissed at her in an attempt to scare her away. Fortunately, the woman grabbed her and placed her in the container with the kittens. As a result, a tiny cat family abandoned the streets in search of a better life.

Charlotte was abrasive when she arrived to the house, but only for a short while.

“First and foremost,” she snarled, staring intensely into my eyes, “but I knew it was all for show.” “How loving itself got as soon as she eased down and understood I didn’t represent a threat,” Holly adds.

“It turns out she has a strong need for love.”

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