When Five Kittens Realize They’re In Good Hands They All Come Out Of Their shells at the same time.

A motherless litter of five kittens was discovered outside.

Kelsey Mining is a mining company based in Kelsey

After being found outside without a mother, a litter of five kittens was taken to the Humane Society of Hamilton County in Indiana.

They were born to a farm cat who abandoned them one day and never returned. “They weren’t socialized,” Kelsey Minier, an adopted shelter worker, explained, “so they came in afraid and hissing, and gathered together and collectively hissed at me when I went close to them.”

Kelsey created a relaxing, calm environment for the kittens to unwind and decompress, as well as lots of food.

The kittens were about four weeks old and all had black and white markings that looked like a cow. They were very shy and huddled in a corner of their foster room, trying to protect and comfort each other.

Kelsey saw through their fearful exterior and knew they just needed time to learn to trust. Slowly but surely the kittens (Gal Galloway, Angus, Holly Holstein, Dexter, and Blue) started to come out of their shells.

“It took them a few days to adjust to me. Kelsey explained, “I made sure to hold each one separately and offer them cuddles so they know they were secure in my hands or arms.”

When one of the kittens summoned the bravery to approach Kelsey and take a leap of faith in trusting her, the rest of the throng followed suit. They all dropped to their adoptive mother’s feet, one by one, to be touched and worshipped.

“Every time I walk into the room, I announce myself in the same voice and say ‘Good morning’, even if it’s afternoon, and then I feed them so that we get into a pattern of positivity and things they like.

“They don’t whistle at me anymore, and they come running when they know I’m in the room.”

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