When Two Pregnant Cats Are Discovered Traveling Together They Decide To Raise Their Kittens Together #3

Pickle and Olive, two pregnant cats, were given a second chance at life at the Nashville Cat Rescue facility. Both cats were on the point of giving birth when they were discovered in a gat colony near Nashville, Tennessee.

The gatitas were inseparable from the start. Having each other so near offered them a sense of security and comfort that helped them adjust to all of the changes they experienced, even though they were apprehensive at first.

The family who was aiding this group came to the conclusion that the females were in love and expecting a kid. They demanded that the children remain together when they called the rescue team, even if they were to be adopted.

Embarazadas gatitas treat their kittens as if they were members of their own family.

The volunteer agreed to spend some time with the cats, taking into account their size requirements, and they undoubtedly had a good time together.

Kiki narrates her tale as follows:

«I want to make sure the infants are comfortable with me when they come, whether it’s aiding them as required or simply taking care of basic necessities like feeding the cats on a regular basis»

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