While In Labor, Mama Cat Dumped In Triple Digit Temperatures Now She’s Helping Other Needy Kittens While Recovering #2

When a pregnant cat was brought to the Valley Animal Center in Fresno, CA, she was in desperate need of assistance. However, during “kitten season” there are rarely any organizations that have open spaces. Not to mention that a pregnant cat needed a LOT of attention to ensure all goes well before, during and after labor. But when the person was told that they sadly had no available space, they were not happy with the center. The staff also recommended that they take the cat to the vet immediately for assistance.

Pause here to take a deep breath because it’s beyond frustrating. Rescue organizations are not vet offices that have the medical resources or training to care for emergency situation. Especially when a cat is experiencing a difficult labor!

“I should’ve kept my eye on them as they left,” the admin volunteer said, “but I had incoming calls and work I needed to get done.”

The pregnant cat was âbаndơnеd in a carrier outside our lobby doors. She was still in mid-labor in almost 100 degree Fahrenheit temperatures! As one of our staff members was leaving early for the day, they noticed the carrier and immediately brought it inside. We estimate the carrier had been outside for at least an hour.

And when they opened the carrier, what they saw was devastating.

The poor new family had gone thorough literal hell, there’s no other way to describe it. And although the staff and volunteers at VAC knew they were maxed out, they couldn’t turn away from her. They named the mama cat Pie, and her surviving baby Cool Whip.

Our vets were on lunch but we knew that emergency care was needed. However, we all knew she was bleeding more than was normal. Even if emergency surgery was performed, we wondered if Pie would sưrvivе. She was tired.

The kitten that sưrvivеd looked just likе Pie; the kitten kept mewling and crawling to its mother, looking for warmth. Like the strong mother she is, Pie nestled and hugged her kitten to her, even as she continued to weaken.

Pie, on the other hand, is slowly but steadily recovering in their care. But she had one more surprise in store for them that truly demonstrated what a kind spirit she is.

Because Pie has taken in another orphaned neonatal kitty, Cheesecake, and is looking after him!
Although not often, nursing mother cats will take âbаndơnеd kittens. But was there a little bit of fate at work here? Because Cheesecake arrived just in time to aid Pie’s heart’s recovery from her painful labor.

The person who dumреd them is being investigated by the authorities, and charges are expected to be brought.

Valley Animal Center deserves a huge thank you for stepping up when it’s not easy! Please show your support by following them on social media and donating to all of the animals in their care. We can’t wait to witness how much love this deserving family receives in the future!

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