55-year-old Helen had visited her son, Matt’s home, where he was living in there with his wife Jennifer, and their son, and her grandson, Jake.

He was two weeks old when Helen visited, and as soon as she held Jake in her arms, she couldn’t felt a connection with her grandson, as if Jake was carrying some other person’s eyes, where Helen’s family always had blue and brown eyes, while Jake had his green eyes.

Jake also had a different kind of hair color, instead of their blond and dark brown shaded hair. “He has his grandfather’s eyes, doesn’t he? From my side of the family.” Jennifer said, while Helen was examining her grandson.

But Helen was suspicious, and Jennifer’s efforts to reassure Helen were in vain. Few weeks later, as Helen’s suspicions were grown, she decided to take a DNA test on her grandson to find the truth.

At the 30th birthday party of Jennifer, Helen decided to take the DNA test. When she arrived at their house, her son Matt welcomed Helen, “Mom, I’m glad you’re here. Jake’s been asking for his grandma,” he said.

“I hope you enjoy the party. We’ve planned a special dinner,” Jennifer hugged too. As time passed, Helen wanted to talk with Matt and Jennifer.

“Matt, Jennifer, there’s something that we need to address, something about Jake.”

“Mom, what’s this about? What are you doing?” Matt was concerned.

“What is it? You’re worrying me,” Jennifer said.


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