Woman harshly criticized online after adopting husband’s ex-wife’s baby

Loving husband and wife Christie and Wesley Werts began their love story five years ago, becoming a blended family when they tied the knot.

Merging Christie’s daughter, Megan, with Wesley’s children, Austin and Dakota, they created a beautiful family.

Though, little did they know that their love story would take a unique turn, leading them to welcome a miracle baby, Levi, into their lives through adoption.

The journey to Levi’s adoption was a testament to the couple’s resilience and determination. Waiting for 16 months for the adoption process to finalize, the Werts family eagerly anticipated bringing their baby boy home.

However, Levi’s adoption story has a touching twist that resembles a dream come true for Christie and her family. Born in Texas in August 2021, Levi’s biological mother, Wesley’s former partner, faced challenges related to drug use during pregnancy. Tragically, she passed away four days after Levi’s premature birth at 33 weeks, a victim of addiction and complications linked to the coronavirus, according to Newsweek.

The couple found out about Levi when Wesley was given the devastating news about his ex-wife by her sister. Christie, who had experienced foster homes herself, was determined to provide Levi with a stable and loving home.

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