Woman Is Surprised When She Diiscovers Her Not-Lost Cat On A Page For Lost Pets

Originally intended to be a foster cat, Ron Weasley fell in love with his foster mom and made the decision that he would never act appropriately for anybody else again. It didn’t matter that his mother already had cats in the house. Ron had made his family his own, and he intended to stay.

Ron’s mother, Brandi Schmidt, told The Dodo, “He was transported to the PetSmart adoption facility while under the care of a rescue, but he disliked everyone and I was soon called back to come get him.” They said, “Don’t ever bring him back. Since then, he has been with us.

Ron is actually a very loving, affectionate cat, and it’s possible that part of the reason for his attitude at the adoption center was that he already knew which family he wanted. He does, however, have a propensity for mischief, and his mother is constantly watching to see what type of trouble he’ll get into next.

Schmidt said, “Ron acquired his name because he’s unusually weasel-ly. “He doesn’t stop at the word “no,” therefore it fits him. Everything is his business since he likes being in the industry.

It’s referred to as “the business chooses the cat.” He always gets himself into trouble. When we originally adopted him, he didn’t get along with many people, but [today] he always sits on the greeting committee when we have guests.

He also has recently learned to open the cabinets and knock the entire container of Greenies cat treats off the shelf, causing the entire crew to feast and pig out on cat treats.”

Ron loves being outside, so during the day, he’s often off exploring and then lets himself back into the house once he’s done. Since he always comes back, his mom wasn’t really worried about where he was going during the day. She assumed he was just rolling around outside somewhere — when actually, Ron had gone and found himself a second family.

One day, Schmidt was going about her day when she got a text from her friend, telling her that she had seen a picture of Ron on Facebook — on a lost pets page.

“I found out he was on the missing page because I had a friend send me a screenshot,” Schmidt said. ”I never expected to see his face on the lost pet Facebook page. He apparently had been hanging out at the neighbor’s house, and I’m sure they fed him, which I know he loved because we were all on a diet at the time in this house.”

Schmidt couldn’t help but laugh when she saw Ron’s goofy, adorable face on the lost pets Facebook page. If anything, it actually made her kind of happy. Ron has never been super great at making friends, and he’s clearly come such a long way — from a grumpy cat to having a second family. That’s definitely progress.

Schmidt eventually struck up a conversation with Ron’s other mother, a neighbor, who said that Ron frequents the area. Ron simply strolls in like he owns the property because her children frequently leave the door open. When they found out that he wasn’t really a lost cat and actually had a loving family living next door, his second family laughed uncontrollably. He simply enjoys stopping by to meet new people and, of course, to receive additional food. That is his true driving force.

Schmidt can only guess that Ron continues to visit his second family as he still goes out exploring every day. She doesn’t mind, and neither does his second family, as long as he returns home at the end of the day.

Schmidt recalled, “She said he was welcome over there whenever, and he frequently gets snacks from the kids.”

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