Woman Notices Her Red Dress & High Heels Disappeared, Finds Them Hidden in Her Husband’s Garage

When Dana’s favorite outfit vanished, she initially attributed the disappearance to her sister’s borrowing habits. However, the deeper truth emerged when she discovered her dress and shoes concealed beneath her husband’s toolbox.

Work photoshoots always stress me out. It’s just the fact that these photos would be immortalized on our company websites, right there, for all to see.

So, a few days before the photoshoot, I wanted to prepare my outfit. It would be my first time appearing on the website as a ‘fashion blogger’ — naturally, I needed the perfect outfit.

But my fingers trembled as I searched my closet for the outfit I had worn to my sister’s wedding a few weeks prior. It was a sleek red dress paired with heels to die for.

I knew I looked good in it, and my confidence soared when I wore it.

But I couldn’t find the dress or the shoes.

It had vanished without a trace — and I don’t misplace things, so there was no chance I had left it elsewhere.

“Sam,” I called out to my husband, who was lounging on the couch. “Have you seen my red dress?”

“Which one?” he called back.

“The one I wore to Ashley’s wedding.”

He appeared in the doorway, his expression guarded. “Why do you need it, Dana?”

“For work,” I said. “I just can’t find it anywhere, my shoes too.”

I sighed.

But then I thought about the other things I couldn’t find — my black strapless dress, other shoes, a leather skirt and even a Gucci handbag. All things that Ashley had helped herself to. My sister has a history of “borrowing” my stuff without permission. It’s been like that since we were children. But I had spoken to her about it; she hadn’t touched anything without asking since then.

“Has Ashley been around?” I asked Sam.

His eyes shifted everywhere in our bedroom except to me.

“I don’t know, love. Maybe. I’m going back to the game,” he said, walking back to the living room.

Now, usually, my husband cannot be bothered with sports. He watches it to pass the time. Usually, he would have helped me look for the dress, even checking his closet and our laundry. But he was too casual about this.

Something felt off.

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