Woman Reunites Tiny Kitten With Family After Finding Her Cryiing On The Street

Katie Long was on a weekend getaway to Mountain View, Arkansas, when she spotted someone crying out in the middle of the road.

There, wet and scared in the street, was a tiny kitten.

“I stood there in disbelief for a bit, then we moved her out of the road to try and figure out what to do,” Long told The Dodo.

Long had a feeling the kitten’s mother was nearby, but as they searched and searched the small town, she started to lose hope. Meanwhile, the anxious kitten clung to Long, unwilling to be alone.

“We walked all over trying to spot a mama with no luck,” Long said. “When I would set her down she’d walk back to me crying… which made me cry.”

Long walked over to a nearby basic store and inquired of those enjoying their lunch outdoors if they were aware of any stray cats. Sadly, they were clueless.

Long claimed, “Everyone stared at me like I was crazy.”

You can watch a video of Long describing her quest for the kitten’s family here:


Still without answers, Long came to terms with the fact that she would probably have to drop the kitten off at a local animal shelter. She was trying to find a shelter, when out of the corner of her eye, she saw a man walking to his mailbox. Somehow, she knew he had answers.

“We raced over and I ran out of the car with her in my arms,” Long said. “I asked him if he had any idea where her family was. And he said, ‘oh yeah I think Bill’s cat just had kittens!’”

Soon enough, the kitten was reunited with her family.

The mother of the cat was overjoyed to have her youngster back at home.

When we arrived, Long noticed three cats in the front yard, one one that was eerily similar to her. Mama immediately began feeding and washing her when I placed her down.

Long is so glad the kitten’s back where she belongs, and that she was able to play a part in helping an animal.

“I can’t believe we found her family!” Long said. “It’s crazy how quick you can feel attached to a helpless little baby like that!”

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