Wơman SесrеtIy FiImеd Hеr Cat ‘Hơmе AIơnе’ and it Brơке Hеr Hеart

Like most of us during the pandemic, Ida Myrin has been spending a lot of time with her cat.

His name is Isola, he’s a three-year-old Ragdoll that has been with Ida since he was 12 weeks old.

We all wonder what happens when we leave out pets at home. Do they have secret societies likе in “The Secret Life of Pets,” or do they just sleep? Or maybe worse, do they get sad and miss their owners and friends really badly? Well, with the technology we now have, we are able to look in the secret life of our pets and see what they do in their free time.

Walking around with the leash, she is basically saying, “wait! I want to go with you!”

It is super cute and even a little sad. Walking around and meowing, the white cat looks for his owners all around the house, hoping they are just hiding. After realizing that they are gone, she drops the leash and sits idly, waiting for them to come home. It is a pretty sad look! Who knew that our pets wanted to come with us in the world, even our cats!

The cat’s name is Isola and he is three years old.

Ida got him when he was just a kitten. She told Bored Panda:

“He is kinda spoiled and lazy, but also loving. He always demands our attention and yells every time he doesn’t get it. He’s always moving so that he can see us both, he loves a good cuddle, but hates faces. When he was a kitten he often stopped what he was doing to randomly hit the floor instead and he has NO ball control. We also think that he is a bit claustrophobic. He loves feet. LOVES.”

What is the solution to a sad cat?

The funny thing is, Isola actually ignored Ida on her return, but he was very happy to see his kitty friend.


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