Woman Sees Husband with Their Nanny in Kissing Cam while Watching Basketball Game – Story of the Day

During dinner, Sarah and her family were interrupted by her husband’s work call. Later, she saw him with their ex-nanny on the “Kiss Cam” of a basketball game. After receiving a frustrating text that said, “I can’t talk. I’m at work,” Sarah resolved to uncover the truth.

In their cozy home, Sarah tried to coax her young son, Adam, to eat dinner while her husband, Arnold, was absorbed in his smartphone.

“Come on, Adam, just eat the salad like a big boy?” Sarah gently encouraged, using her high-pitched voice.

Across the table, her husband, Arnold, was deeply engrossed in his smartphone, scrolling through the latest news while absentmindedly enjoying his meal. He was a successful web designer, often preoccupied with work, even during family time.

“Arnold, could you help me convince Adam to eat?” Sarah asked when her son simply refused.

“Adam, listen to your mom, okay?” Arnold replied, not once looking at them.

Sarah sighed and employed the ultimate weapon against kids who don’t want to eat their meal: dessert. Finally, her son started chewing vigorously.

A sharp beep cut through the room’s quiet as they were finishing their dinner. It was a message on Arnold’s phone. Every time his phone made that sound, it usually meant something urgent from work that couldn’t wait.

“You’re leaving for work again? Now?” Sarah asked, watching him get up and walk to the door.

“I’m sorry, honey,” he replied, putting on his jacket. “It’s the big project, the one I told you about. Tomorrow’s the deadline. I need to check my team’s work.”

The door closed behind him, and Sarah sighed. Her son, swallowing the last of his veggies, straightened his back.

“Mom, Dad forgot! The basketball game is tonight. He won’t be there, will he?” Adam asked, pouting.

Unfortunately, Sarah knew Arnold wouldn’t get home in time, so she promised to watch the game with him, smiling widely to hide her disappointment.

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