Women at bachelorette party spot chilling detail in photo – leave for home immediately

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a tendency to look over photos you’ve captured in the hours, days, weeks after you’ve taken them.

Personally, I’m a fan of glancing back at such moments often – after all, such photos are a visible window into the past that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

For one group of women, however, studying a pair of photos they took just seconds apart left them horrified when they noticed a detail that was more than just a bit chilling…

You’ve likely all seen your shares of photo mishaps before, when images either becomes strangely blurred, or the classic red-eye effect is in evidence, or something else occurs to ruin what would otherwise be a lovely keepsake from a moment in history. Heck, I’ve even seen pictures that are so distorted – for whatever reason – that the people in them don’t even look like people anymore.

Yet I don’t think I can lay claim to ever having seen something quite like this…

As per reports, a group of women on a bachelorette party in Argyll and Bute in Scotland, UK were so disturbed by what they saw in a pair of photos they had snapped, that they canceled what should have been a weekend of fun and games, instead opting to return home.

The celebrations in question were set to take place at a remote estate, and the party kicked off things by doing what pretty much any large group of friends would do: take a series of photos before things descended into chaos.

The first of their images shows the group smiling before a set of logs, a picturesque lake in the background.

Yet in the group’s purported second photo, taken just seconds after the first, a little boy appears to be poking his head above the logs.

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