Your Heart Will Be Broken When Looking At This Chubby Cats’s Face

He is in good shape, perhaps even better than good.

However, judging by the beautiful cat’s face, you might not be able to tell that.

The other day, Floriane Lavellan was out for a stroll through a quiet, well-to-do neighborhood in Belgium with her mom when someone caught her eye. There, in a cozy private garden all to himself, was a chubby orange cat she’d never seen before.

Lavellan had to do a double-take.

Lavellan said to The Dodo, “At first I felt I hadn’t seen properly.

This cat’s face had a strange look to it.

He seemed quite dejected.

Lavellan said, “I had never seen a cat look THAT dejected before. He was simply standing there and watching us.

Lavellan attempted to get him closer so she could pat him, but after a short while, the cat turned and strutted away. But not before she took pictures of his cute, glum face.

Naturally, Lavellan recognized that the cat wasn’t genuinely depressed; his seeming melancholy look was simply the face he was born with. But it still made her feel something deep inside. Lavellan hopes to run across him once more.

“The cat appeared healthy and in good condition there. I’m definitely keeping a look out for this one because I have a soft place for ginger kitties. I’ll try my best to see whether he wants to be caressed, said Lavellan, adding:

But if I were to see that expression up close, I think I wouldn’t be able to resist saying, “It’s going to be OK” (or two).

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