A Cat With No Ears Finds His Forever Home And Best Friend

Potato is the cutest and most attractive earless cat you’ve ever seen. The handsome boy was a stray cat living on the city streets of China until being rescued by a local shelter. Potato had significant ceruminous adenoma in his ear canals and on his ear flaps when animal rescuers discovered him two years ago. The veterinarians treated him to get rid of the adenoma, but it came back. After that, the vet recommended that he have his canals and flaps removed to prevent the condition from recurring.

Potato, thankfully, is on the mend and has finally found his everlasting home (along with a new best buddy, Horlick!). Potato’s new owners even claim on Instagram that he can still hear. “No one knows when Potato was born or how old he is because he was a stray cat,” his owners explain on Instagram. However, they believe the lovely youngster is roughly 6 years old. Potato’s birthdate is April 25th, 2019, because his owners adopted him on that date. Scroll down to discover photographs of the most gorgeous earless boy and vote for your favorites!


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