When A Cat Goes To The Beach For The First Time He Has Strong Feelings About It

Pumpkin was the lone orange kitten in a litter of five rescue kittens that his family was caring for. They didn’t intend to keep any of them at first, but Pumpkin and his brother Moustachio were adopted. They couldn’t let them go when the time came.

Pumpkin’s family learned that he has a minor form of cerebellar hypoplasia as he grew older. It interferes with his coordination and depth awareness, but he never allows it stop him from having fun.

Pumpkin’s mother, Tia (who asked that her last name not be used), told The Dodo, “We joke he’s clumsy like a puppy.” “His front paws are up one at a time, as though he trots rather than runs.”

Pumpkin has always enjoyed being outside and enjoys going on family trips. He’d been trekking and kayaking for a while, and his mother and sister decided to take him to the beach for the first time one day.

Pumpkin looked to be having a great time exploring the beach and running about in the sand – until the wind sprang up. That’s when his family found that the adventurous cat disliked the wind.

“He enjoyed the beach at first, but we quickly discovered he didn’t like the wind,” Tia explained. “We’d never seen anything like the looks he was making before, so we started capturing photographs and videos.”

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