A Stray Kitty Approached A Young Guy And Requested To Be Taken Home

A stray kitty stopped a young guy in the woods. He was wet and pursued him, rubbing against his legs.

Someone had abandoned him in the woods, he concluded. He was only keeping up with the kitty! The young man realized he couldn’t abandon the poor cat, so he scooped it up and took it to his car. When the cat eventually sat down on his lap, he began to purr loudly and relished the fact that he was loved.

On the way to the vet to check for fleas and get them removed.

Everything is dry and toasty!

The veterinarian bathed and examined the kitten. He followed his new companion everywhere he went, and we might say that he was his master’s “shelter.”

In the vehicle, he found his favorite seat.

The vet said the kitten should be kept warm for a few days.

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