This Bravo Lost Kitty Bravely Boarded The Train To Come Home On His Own

This lovely story once again demonstrates the power of the internet and social media, which can be beneficial when utilized correctly. It happened in France. A very astute missing cat chose to travel by passenger train to her owner’s home.

The conductor spotted her obstinately climbing into the car and decided to take her with him. According to him, the kitten was calm in the vehicle, sat in her usual spot, and gazed at him until the train arrived at the station she required.

The conductor shared photographs of a kitty in the driver’s cab and in the car on Twitter.

The caption was as follows: “This morning, a passenger like this entered the Voivre station. A kitten that has already completed an internship with a machinist will be happy to find his family.”

The railroad employees left the kisulya at the Le Mans terminal station, giving them delights and entertaining them like a true princess.

Then the power of social media kicked in: one of the Internet users remembered seeing an ad on Facebook about a similar cat’s death!

The story has a happy ending: the owner was notified that the kitten was waiting for her at the station, and she arrived for her quick-witted lovely pet on the same day. The kitty’s name turned out to be Noisette

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