A Woman Discovers A Kitten At Walmart And Decides To Help Him

Annie Rahe was picking up groceries at her local Walmart last month when she went to look at the Christmas decorations. Her early Christmas shopping took an unexpected turn when she pulled her trolley onto the festive section.

Between the wooden pallets, a little black and white kitten slept, his owners nowhere to be seen.

Rahe tracked out a salesperson and inquired as to why the cat was alone.

Rahe told The Dodo, “He informed me that [the cat] had been thrown in the Walmart parking lot and continued crawling into the store and hiding beneath the pallets.” “I’m not sure how long he remained there, but the worker informed me that others had attempted to compel him to leave.”

Rahe dropped her cart and went straight to the pet goods section to pick up a can of kitten food.

“He was so little and filthy – the notion of him being there alone himself broke my heart,” Rahe said. “I wasn’t going anywhere without him.”

The kitty ran over and began scarfing down the can of food as soon as she placed it on the floor. The meal drew the kitten’s attention long enough for Rahe to seize him. Rahe stated, “I was able to round up a box from a garbage.” “Until I could get back to the pet aisle and purchase a carrier to put Wally in, I used another piece of flimsy cardboard as the lid.”

“I spent about 45 to 50 minutes just trying to build his trust,” she explained, “because he crawled out of the box and onto my cart the first time, and I had to capture him again.” “It resulted in a tumultuous scene.”

Rahe had planned to leave the store with groceries, but she ended up with a cat and kitten necessities in her car instead.

Rahe gave the cat Wally a wash and extra dinner when he got home, and he went sleeping happy with a full belly. Wally is little and underweight for his age, but he is otherwise healthy and appears to likе his new home and family.

“He’s a cheerful little guy who purrs as soon as I go in the room,” Rahe said. “I have to be cautious when walking around him since he is usually right beneath my feet.” He’s having a lot of fun with his new toys, and he’s great at using his box and scratching post!”

When Wally has had all of his vaccinations and treatments, he will be gradually introduced to his cat and dog siblings. Rahe is confident that, just as he did with her, the lively little kitty would wiggle his way into their hearts.

Rahe hadn’t planned on adơрting a kitten on her trip to Walmart, but the best presents are sometimes free.

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