The Cat With Two Amazing Colored Eyes Is Invading Social Networks

You’ve probably encountered cats with heterochromia iridum if you’re as devoted to looking at cats online as we are. This happens when one eye’s iris (colored component) has a different color than the other. It may affect both people and dogs, as well as cats. Cats with one blue eye and one gold eye, likе our companions Madden and Moon, are prone to this. These dual colored peepers are certainly a sight to witness, especially because cats’ eyes are already wonderfully captivating. Odd Eyed Olive is then introduced to you.

The only thing that is genuinely strange about first seeing this cat is if you aren’t fascinated as well. Quickly check your pulse!

Olive’s eyes, on the other hand, aren’t only a different color. There are two colors in both eyes! Sectoral heterochromia is the name for this type of heterochromia. When different parts of the iris in the same eye have different colors, it’s an unusual occurrence! What a sight to behold.

Odd Eyed Olive and her family have been showcasing her beauty to the rest of the world since then.
It’s possible there’s something in the water, because her three feline buddies are all stunning!

Fifi, her fluffy sister, is shown here.

Last but not least, there’s Charlie, the home’s lone wolf. He’s also the subject of Olive’s enthralling stare, as he was swiftly dubbed “her guy.”

Olive and Charlie, her boyfriend… The fly is the center of attention.

When her humans look into her hypnotizing eyes, that’s precisely what they want the rest of the world to see.


Olive has no difficulties with her hearing, which is a hereditary diseаsе that is commonly encountered in white cats.

Many pure white cats, however, suffer from hearing loss, but not this particular soul. They’re a full clowder of pawsitive vibrations, with the family leveraging her distinctiveness to preach the message of diversity and celebrating our differences!

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