Arrogant Man Insults Woman at the Airport, Unaware She’d Save His Life Hours Later

Michael heartlessly denies a doctor the chance to reach a patient by booking the last seats on a plane. However, after a series of unlucky events on the flight, his callous choice comes back to haunt him.

Dr. Carter rushed to the airport counter and was happy to see a short line. She needed to catch a flight quickly for a critical case and felt very nervous. When it was her turn, she accidentally dropped her purse, and everything inside scattered on the floor.

Just as she knelt to collect her things, Michael and Dana, a couple, approached the counter.

“I need two tickets to Santa Monica, please,” Michael said quickly.

Luke, the man at the counter, looked worried. “We only have two seats left,” he said, sharing an edgy look with Dr. Carter.

“I need to get on this flight, please. It’s an emergency. I’m a doctor,” she said, still picking up her things.

Michael didn’t want to wait. “The tickets are clearly ours,” he insisted, showing his credit card.

Dana felt sorry for Dr. Carter. “Maybe we should wait, honey?” she suggested to Michael.

But Michael disagreed. “We’re not changing our plans,” he said firmly.

Dr. Carter pleaded with him as she rose. “Please, it’s about saving a life.”

Michael turned to face her. “Life’s tough. We all have our problems,” he said coldly. “Finish the booking,” he ordered Luke.

Luke finished the booking.

As Michael triumphantly took the boarding passes, Dr. Carter’s shoulders slumped in defeat. She murmured a quiet thank you to Dana for understanding her plight. As they left, Dr. Carter asked Luke, “Is there any other flight to Santa Monica?”

Luke typed rapidly into his computer. “There is. I’ll quickly… oh. I’m so sorry, doctor. Someone just booked the last ticket, but I can put you on a standby list,” he offered gently.

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