Man receives ultimatum from girlfriend, telling him to get rid of the dog or else

Animal enthusiasts are well aware of the benefits of having a pet in the house. Animals frequently succeed in calming us down by simply being there when we are upset or unwell. What’s more, when an animal is adopted, it joins the family and, in a genuine family, no one is ever taken away.

A man was put in this scenario by his girlfriend, who after some time in the relationship with him confessed that she was not an animal lover. For any animal owner, what she requested would be utterly impossible and intolerable.

The dog’s presence appeared to have a significant impact on his lover. She frequently complained that she did not enjoy having the dog around and that if he wanted their relationship to continue, he should get rid of Molly the puppy, a lovely beagle. Thousands of internet users noticed his ad and shared it to help him out because of his great reaction, which was precisely what she deserved:

“My beagle Molly is not popular with my girlfriend. So, I must find her a new home. I’ve owned her for four years, and she is a purebred from an affluent neighborhood. She enjoys playing games. not fully qualified. She is a little high maintenance because of her long hair, especially her nails, but she enjoys getting them done. yaps all night long yet falls asleep while I’m at work. only consumes the most costly, finest cuisine. won’t ever welcome you home after a hard day or show you unconditional affection when you’re feeling bad. does not bite, but she has a helluva temper!

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