‘BLASPHEMY’: Taylor Swift Embroiled In New Controversy After Christian Protests

In Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, a protest unfolded against candles displayed at a local store’s “Swiftie Super Bowl Eve Party” on Saturday before the Super Bowl. Protesters convened outside Mixed Bag MKE on Silver Spring Drive, brandishing signs that professed their devotion to God and condemned what they deemed “blasphemy” and “sacrilege.”

One individual explained to FOX6 News that the protest was partly sparked by prayer candles adorned with images of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, igniting controversy.

Protester Evan Olwell showed his strong disapproval, saying, “We see this as a mockery of Jesus and Mary, Jesus and Mary are not a joke. We hold them very close to our hearts.” He said the deep reverence they have for these religious figures, adding, “These images are even more dear to us than images of family members.”

Amid all the commotion, the shop announced a record-breaking day of sales, contributing $360 to Street Angels, a cherished organization aiding Milwaukee’s homeless community.

The spotlight wasn’t solely on Swift and Kelce; luminaries such as Jordan Love of the Green Bay Packers, Hollywood’s Ryan Gosling, and the beloved late “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek were also immortalized on the store’s candles.

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