Son Runs Away from Home at 16, Comes Back at 29 to Find Only a Note in Deserted House

16-year-old Joey runs away from home to pursue his dreams, leaving his widowed mother behind. Thirteen years later, he returns home to see her again but is greeted by a deserted house instead, where he only finds a half-burnt note.

As a 16-year-old filled with ambition and dreams beyond the confines of his rural life, Joey decided to leave home. He left a farewell note to his mother, Flora, beside her old sewing machine.

“Dear Mom, By evening, you’ll be back, but I won’t be home. No, I wasn’t kidnapped; I just finally decided to run away,” Joey wrote in the letter he left behind.

“No matter how far I go, I’ll always love you. I’m sorry. Take care. With Love, Joey.”

The loud squawking of the hens and chickens and the sight of the tall trees that surrounded the farm was a sight Joey knew he was bound to miss.

His backpack was packed and strapped to his back.

After taking one last look at the house he lived in with his mother after his father’s death, Joey turned around and walked away without once glancing back.

Unaware of Joey’s plans, Flora spent her day on the farm, waiting for the son who promised to help but never showed.

Despite his love for his mother, Joey felt constrained by the life laid out for him on the farm. He dreamed of becoming a doctor, a dream he believed unattainable if he stayed.

His attempts to convince Flora to sell the farm and move to the city were futile; her attachment to the land and memories of his late father held her back. Unwilling to abandon his dreams, Joey saw no option but to leave, even if it meant leaving his mother and their life behind.

As he approached the highway, ready to hitchhike to the city, his mother’s plans for dinner and her voice filled his mind.

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