Blind Cat Who Has Spent Her Entire Life Looking For A Cozy Home Gives Her Three Babies To A Famiily

A cat family in in need of care was approached by the Coastal Bend Cat Rescue (CBCR) in Corpus Christi, Texas. When her son paid them a visit, the old couple learned that the mother cat had some vision issues. She had been spotted wandering close to their home.

The amiable tabby kitty was escorted to her cave by the elders’ son. There, she learned that, despite her health issues, she had been tenderly raising three young kittens as her own.

Officer Mary Huckabee from CBCR stated:

“He asked for assistance from our rescue facility. The cat was believed to have had severe eye infections that had shut her eyes at the time.

As soon as the rescue center found an available foster home, they relocated the feline family to begin their recovery process. Two of the kittens had respiratory infections, and the mother named Clue appreciated her care and gobbled up all the food her keepers offered.

With her stomach satisfied, the kitten dedicated herself to caring for and feeding her little ones called: Candyland, Monopoly and Chutes and Ladders.

They corrected Clue’s eyesight while observing that she was absolutely blind and lacked any normal eye tissue.

Mary says:

Our veterinarian suspects congenital microphthalmia since the man was born without or with very tiny eyes. To stop reoccurring infections, he will require enucleation. She is not bothered at all by her blindness. Clue guarded her offspring fiercely.


The care provided by the refuge’s volunteers allowed the cats to quickly recover from their health issues and were otherwise doing much better. In no time at all, his eyes widened and he started to get curious in his new home.

Every time the little ones were taken away for a routine review, Clue remained on high alert until they returned to his side.

When they were three weeks old, the kittens began to venture out and explore every corner, something that did not make Clue very happy since they frequently strayed from the safe area that she had defined.

Mary remembers:

“He would take them back to ‘their place’ over and over again before he realized that he was fighting a losing battle and that his babies were now ready to explore.”

Thanks to the care at the foster home, Clue and her 3 little ones have prospered a lot. The kittens have grown healthy and every day they discover new things and want to explore everything. For her part, Clue loves her new life as an indoor cat and she is very happy with her humans.

Soon her little ones will find their forever homes to be happily ever after and she will never have to worry about food or shelter and have to wander the streets blind. Now Clue will have the forever home she so deserves.

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