Cat’s Family Decides To Buy Her Every Frog Toy Because She Is So Obsessed With Theem

When they were only little kittens, Mochi and her brother Choco were discovered abandoned in a parking lot. When they were old enough, friends of their savior adopted them, and they have enjoyed the finest life ever since.

A family friend bought Choco a toy frog a few months after they were adopted. The frog didn’t particularly pique Choco’s curiosity, but Mochi was eager to take possession of it. Mochi grew more and more connected to her frog over time. She carried it to her parents in the middle of the night and played fetch with it as well as knocked it over anytime she saw it.


Mochi loved her frog so much that her parents decided to buy her some more — and now, she has an entire army of frogs.

Mochi’s family has no idea why she loves her frog toys so much, but over the years, her obsession with them has never wavered. She’s fully committed to her frogs, and her family supports it — and also thinks it’s pretty darn hilarious.

While Mochi enjoys chasing her frogs about and batting at them, she also enjoys snuggling with them…


.. and being fully surrounded by them like the queen she is.

Even though Choco has never really been into frogs the way Mochi is, he’s never judged her for it. After all, he’s got his obsessions too.

“The fascination with the frogs is something exclusive to Mochi,” Mochi’s family wrote on her website. “Choco was never interested in them, but he’s pretty quirky too. For example, he’ll play fetch with any red ball.”

For better or worse, Mochi is fascinated with her frogs and will rule over her tiny frog kingdom for the rest of her days, whatever the cause.

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