Cat Demands Midnight Snacks Crying And Leading Mom To Her Food Bowls

An lovely cat from China is going viral online because of the specific manner it begs its mother for late-night treats. In a video of the cat Li Bai, he can be seen leading his mother to her empty food dishes while whining and sporting an unfavorable expression.

Millions of members of various social networks were impressed and touched by Li Bai’s kind act, which became popular online.

The mother of the cat, Ms. Zhang, referred to him as the “Drama King” since he frequently meows to gain her attention.

In the hilarious video , Li Bai can be heard meowing in a grumpy tone, walking in front of Zhang, signaling for him to follow. He then leads her over to her food bowls and turns to face her with a supposedly sad face.

Everything seemed to indicate that the small, but dramatic feline, was demanding a little more of her delicious midnight snacks from her dear mom. Zhang said that she had woken up at night to use the bathroom, but since she got up, her cat did not leave her side.

Says Zhang

“He was simply wandering around me as I was in the restroom. I videotaped the incident by following him.”

She continued by saying that because of how quickly he attracted her attention, her cat is unquestionably the finest “drama king.”

Zhang chose to publish the video on Douyin, the Chinese version of Tik Tok, as she frequently uploads videos of her cat online.

Li Bai’s adorable performance to order food, in a short time accumulated more than 250 million views, leaving all users in love.

Additionally, a lot of online users found the comical cat’s squeal amusing and were eager to comment on the scenario.

Without a doubt, Li Bai’s peculiar way of ordering her sandwiches will make her mother never forget to fill her food bowls.

Li Bai may go a little overboard with his dramas, but all he really wants to do is make sure his mother doesn’t forget to grab them some food.

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