Each Time Mom Bathes This Cat Must Accompany Her

Jinx’s mother had to give her several baths to keep her clean and healthy again since when she was rescued at just 4 weeks old, she was coated with fleas.

Jinx’s mother, Tracey Lehmann, said, “She was covered in fleas when I first received her, and because she was so young, I didn’t want to give her any flea treatments or pills, etc. So I would put her in the sink and wash her virtually every day.”

Jinx has been completely fixated on taking baths ever since. Jinx, who enjoys getting wet despite the fact that most cats don’t, must now constantly accompany her mother while she’s taking a bath.

She’ll end up staring at me and meowing nonstop, so I can tell when she

Jinx will stay in the bath almost the entire time her mom is in there, just relaxing in the water …

and even tolerates being covered in bubbles by her mom. She’ll stay in there for 30 to 40 minutes just standing there or sitting on my lap, but I generally pull her out first so she can go about the bathroom and dry off a little bit before letting her get the rest of the house dirty, according to Lehmann.

Jinx enjoys taking baths and watching the rain, but she also enjoys being submerged in water whenever possible.

“I’ll hold her under the rain and sometimes she’ll just fall asleep or lift her head up to the sky and close her eyes,” Lehmann said.

It’s definitely not the way most cats feel, but for Jinx, being around water just makes her so happy.

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