Dramatic Cat Performs Award-Winning Act While Being Brushed Every Day

Meet Chase, a three-year-old rescue cat that enjoys performing. He actually excels at drama, especially if it makes him the center of attention rather than his sisters Skye and Millie.

Chase’s mother just attempted to brush him, like she does every day, and his response was all that honorable performers strive for (and more).

“[Chase] was always a loud and clingy cat when we first met him,” Fifi, Chase’s mom, told The Dodo. “[He’s] very emotional, clingy and sometimes a trouble maker, always wanting attention, and he is very vocal.”

If Chase senses that something is wrong, he will immediately hug his mom for comfort. In fact, Chase will do anything to get a hug from Mom — even if he’s not really that upset or scared.

When Fifi brushed Chase and let out a small gasp, the cat knew he could put on a show for extra affection. You can watch Chase’s award-worthy performance here:


In order to prevent her other cat Skye from feeling too lonely during the day, Fifi first acquired the tabby cat.

Chase was introduced into her life, but Fifi says, “We found that she didn’t enjoy his desire for attention.” Chase tried to play and interact with Skye, but he soon realized that he was invading her personal space. His character is similar to a dog’s. He is nice and loves to

Fifi said Chase has always been the life of the party, even from a young age.

“[He] was one of many litter mates that were abandoned by their mom at a gas station,” Fifi said. “We adopted him while he was still being bottle fed.”

As the smallest kitten in the litter, Chase is used to getting his own way, including sleeping alone and being held like a baby. Being the center of attention is his favorite thing in the world — but Fifi doesn’t mind.

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