Guy On Balcony HaD Awkward Encounter With His Neighbor’s Cat

Meeting a cat may happen in a variety of ways, from pleasant flips at the feet and face-rubs on the shins to sly glances that suggest a pet or two could be allowed. There’s also a chance of hearing hisses and scratching.

Then there’s the story of how @bennynazareth, a TikTok user, met his neighbor’s cat.

They met while they both watched from the balconies of their residences in Milan, Italy. And it was just plain awkward, to be honest.


There’s no telling, of course, what exactly was going through the neighbor cat’s mind as she perched outside to soak up some sun, only to wind up having to share the moment with some stranger next door.

Admittedly, though, she didn’t seem particularly pleased.


Even while @bennynazareth joked that the cat was “a stalker,” it’s important to note that only one of them was recording the other that day, most likely without their consent.

Cats are, nevertheless, capable of becoming grumpy and not hesitant to express their emotions.

However, let’s hope that their tense, chilly relationship would warm up for the sake of peace. (Or maybe her nosy neighbor should go somewhere else, as the steely-eyed cat could advise.)

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