Found In Field A Kitten Clings To Her Rescuers And Refuses To Let Go

Chimera was a small little kitten when she found herself in a frightening and perilous situation: she and her littermates were abandoned in a field with no one to look after them.

Fortunately, a caring family came to their aid and successfully placed them in the loving arms of an animal rescuer and her son.

This would be the start of an incredible friendship that would permanently transform Chimera’s life.

A woman named Malia and her husband were at a ball field in New York to watch their son play baseball.

Malia wasn’t expecting to be saving a life that day, let alone several, but when she noticed a group of people reacting to something on the field and realized that they had spotted a litter of tiny kittens, she rushed over to help.

The kittens were tiny and defenseless, and there was no sign of their mother cat.

Malia and her husband made the hasty decision to save the terrified and hungry kittens and contacted Sunny, a local cat rescuer.

Sunny agreed to foster the kittens, and Malia and her family got in their car and drove the entire litter of kittens to Sunny’s home.

There, the emaciated and flea-ridden kittens were given all the love and care they so desperately needed.

Sunny and her son, CJ, gave the kittens a bath before bottle-feeding them.

The kittens were really feeble at first, but they rapidly improved.

Although they were so young that they needed round-the-clock care, it quickly became obvious that they were thriving under Sunny’s and CJ’s wonderful care.

After just a day, there was a noticeable change in their demeanour and energy levels, and CJ began realizing that one of the kittens had something special.

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