Husband Criticizes Wife for Supporting Her Impoverished Mother Until She Retaliates

A dismissive husband ridicules his wife for financially supporting her destitute mother, but she persists despite his objections. Ultimately, she discovers she was entirely justified in defying her husband.

When Lucy Houghton wed Sam Fraser, she believed it was the wisest decision of her life. Despite being eight years her senior, Sam was intelligent, handsome, and seemingly deeply in love with her—or so she thought until everything crumbled.

Lucy’s family had always expressed reservations about Sam, particularly the idea of her marrying him. “Honey,” her mother cautioned, “he’s not the right man for you. Trust us! You will regret making him your partner!”

“Your mother is spot on, Lucy!” her father interjected. “You’re rushing into marriage! He might seem charming now, but Sam isn’t someone who will stand by you forever!”

Despite these warnings, Lucy was sure of Sam’s affection for her. Their whirlwind romance quickly led to a marriage proposal, which she accepted without a second thought, and they were married within a month.

Their wedding was nothing short of lavish, with Sam sparing no expense to impress. He was a well-to-do accountant at a renowned firm in California, eager to flaunt his success. Lucy was proud, feeling vindicated in her choice, as Sam appeared before their guests as a respectable, affluent man.

However, her pride turned to disillusionment just a year later.

“Lucy!” Sam shouted, storming towards her with an envelope in hand. “What the hell is this? How could you not think to tell me about this?”

“Sam, calm down! Can’t you see I’m busy with breakfast?”

“To hell with your breakfast! Why didn’t you tell me you moved money from our joint account to your mother? Why do they still need your help?!”

“Sam, what are you talking about? I was raised to support my parents! They needed help, so I used MY savings to assist them!”

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