I Called Off My Wedding 30 Minutes Before the Ceremony After Receiving a Note from My Maid of Honor

Jane was moments away from walking down the aisle when a secret note from her maid of honor turned her wedding day upside down. What was written in the note?

You know how they say your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life? Well, mine turned into a day I’ll never forget — I left my groom 30 minutes before the wedding.

Here’s what happened:

So, there I was in my room, all dolled up for what was supposed to be the biggest day of my life.

I was doing my lips when Cindy, my maid of honor, came rushing in.

She’s not the huggy type, so when she wrapped her arms around me tight, I knew something was up. She slipped a note to me and whispered, “Read this now. And go. GO!” Then she was out, just like that.

I was confused, my heart now pounding in my chest. I peeked at the note. “Go to the restroom.” That’s all it said.

The wedding coordinator was busy fussing over the final details. I approached her and said, “Sorry, but I need to use the restroom. Just give me 5 minutes.”

She nodded, looking a bit stressed but understanding.

Outside the restroom, Dad and Cindy were waiting, looking like they’d seen a ghost.

Dad handed me another note, his hand shaking. “Read it, but brace yourself,” he said. I could barely hear him.

The note was a bombshell.

Alex, my fiancé, was cheating on me with someone named Mara. Their flirtatious, intimate texts were right there on the paper. They had been together for a long time, even before Alex and I decided to get engaged. The last message was them planning to hook up after our “honeymoon.”

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