Mark Wahlberg shares rare picture of daughter Grace in honor of her 14th birthday

Mark Wahlberg is a Hollywood actor who does things a little differently. He does not try to keep up with the glitz and glamor of L.A., instead, he focuses his time on his own family.

He shared a heartfelt tribute to his beloved daughter which is melting hearts all over the world. Keep reading to see what Marky Mark did!

Mark Wahlberg took to Instagram to wish his beloved daughter Grace a happy birthday. The actor is clearly a proud dad and wants the world to know. As his little girl turned 14 years old, he shared a sweet throwback photo of the duo. His wife, Rhea Durham also shared some wonderful snaps of their beloved Grace. Clearly, the young girl is well-loved by her parents.

In the picture, Mark is sitting on the couch with little Grace sitting next to him as he has his arm around her.

The emotional actor captioned the picture, “I can’t believe how time flies.”

The photo was likely from when Grace was a toddler. Later, the proud dad shared a recent video of his beloved daughter on his stories. The conversation heard in the background indicates that it is Rhea behind the camera who is filming a ‘drip check’ for little Grace. She has on an oversized sweatshirt from Municipal; her dad’s clothing brand.

Rhea Durham also shared some pictures of her daughter Grace which included more recent ones as well as ones from when she was a baby.

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