Single dad helps old lady mow her lawn, soon gets a shocking call from her lawyer

A single dad named Felix was resting at home one day when he heard a sound of a lawnmower. He wondered who might be mowing their lawn at the time and decided to get outside and check. To his surprise, it was the elderly lady who lived next door, Mrs. McAllister.

She was way too old to be mowing her lawn. On top of that, she was barely walking with the help of her cane, so Felix offered to do the job for her, but he couldn’t help but wonder why she wasn’t getting any help from her son who barely visited her.

Mrs. McAllister was glad to accept Felix’s help. This wasn’t the first time he was there for her when she needed help around the house.

As a thank you for his kindness, Mrs. McAllister invited her hear neighbor inside and offered him a glass of lemonade. But as though that wasn’t enough, she told him to wait for her because she had something to give to him.

strange box in her hands. She handed it to him and told him it was an item that had a special value to her and now she wanted Felix to have it.

He was hesitant and said he couldn’t accept that box, but she insisted. She then gave him a bag of apples for his daughter Suzie.

Once home, Felix gave the apples to Suzie, and she told him there were some papers inside with what looked like codes written on them. She assumed they were for the box her father brought home. Suize wanted to open the box but Felix said no. He believed that he should return the box back to Mrs. McAllister.

The following day, he took the box and went to Mrs. McAllister’s house. When she didn’t respond, he decided to get inside. Unfortunately, she was in her bad and looked like she was sleeping, but she was in fact dead. She must have passed away during the night.

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