Meghan Markle “in contact” with Kate Middleton after hospital stay and subsequent conspiracy theories

It can be assumed that Kate Middleton has had plenty of support from family members in the aftermath of her January surgery, and the dramatic narrative that has played out since then.

Yet one pillar of strength fans might not have expected her to be able to lean on comes in the form of Meghan Markle. According to the Daily Mirror, the ostracized Duchess of Sussex has had contact with Kate during the throes of the latest scandal to have rocked the Royal Family, though in a “formal rather than sisterly capacity.”

That Kate has had a tough time of things lately should come as news to absolutely no one. The Princess of Wales underwent what Kensington Palace termed a “planned abdominal procedure” in late January, thereafter remaining in hospital for 13 days before returning home to continue her recovery.

Concerning though news of the future Queen’s health woes was, the whole saga need not have ever reached the controversial and downright nutty heights that is has.

Yet a lack of information from the royals, coupled with the fact that Kate hadn’t been seen on film or in photograph since Christmas, meant that the public grew restless. What followed was a deluge of conspiracy theories that have become all the more bizarre for each passing week.

Then, just when it seemed as though the whole situation could hardly get more suspicious, the photo of Kate and her children, intended to mark Mother’s Day in the UK, was withdrawn over fears that it had been “manipulated”.

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