“Werewolf” Stands On Side Of Road For Months: Then A Stranger Approaches And Does The Unthinkable

Poor, balding, and all by one’s lonesome.

A “werewolf” had been waiting by the roadside for months.

His scales were hard, and his tail was broken and pointed.

What little remaining black fur he had sprang up on its own at the nape of his neck and was in disarray.

The dog looked as though he hadn’t eaten in weeks; he was obviously in bad shape and couldn’t move around much.

Other from the fact that he had been spotted in an orchard in Madera Ranchos, California for some time, no one had any more information on the mysterious creature.

Because of the animal’s intimidating appearance, no one dared to get too close.

The unlucky canine was dubbed “Werewolf” since no one could identify him. They weren’t brave enough to find out for themselves.

Then, toward the month’s end, a motorist spotted him and jotted down a few words about him on Facebook.

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