No one wats to adopt this cat because of her “ugly“ face

The sad truth in life is there’s so many stray animals on the streets, because they are sick, looks old and u.ɡ.l.y. Their chance of being adopted are almost zero. Therefore other people in this world find beauty in unexpected places like Francisca Franken.

On the website of a shelter, Francisca found a cat named Bean and she immediately wanted to adopt her. She also found out that the cat had been on the website for over a month and stays in the shelter for almost a year. It broke Francisca’s heart when they said that Bean looks grumpy and ugly that’s why no one wanted her. And that’s the reason why she needed to take Bean home.

Francisca move into a bigger home so she could have a cat again, she said that she had one before named Joker and she loved him to death. When she moved out she noticed something was missing. That’s why when she saw Bean’s photo in the website she fell in love with it.

Looks funny but Bean looks like 20+ pounds and a real rough street gangster, sadly she was first found in a trailer park with terrible eye infection, urease stones and a beginning blockage. Francisca sent an email with her personal information and really tried her best to make it informative so they would pick her to adopt Bean. She can’t sleep that night because she was so nervous.

Afterwards she got a call from a lady and asked her if Bean was really the cat she wanted to apply for because no one is interested to that cat.

On January 8 Francisca put her nicest blouse and trousers and went to the shelter to see Bean. She wanted to make a good first impression.
When she get there they led Francisca to Bean’s room, she started crying because she felt overwhelmed. In that time she thought that Bean was so tiny , but she saw a very beautiful stubby legs, and a short tail and of course Bean’s pretty face. It’s not all what she imagined but it was so much better than that.

When the shelter saw how much Francisca loves Bean they let her adopt Bean right away. The shelter provide some basic tools and instructions on how Bean will familiarize with a new home.
When they get home, Bean immediately walk into the couch and slept for several hours. After that she started exploring. They spent the first night in bed together and done that ever since.

Francisca was instructed to keep Bean in a room for the first two days so she could used to the new place without stress. But she didn’t know that no locks or doors could ever keep the curious cat from exploring the entire house. By that she let Bean to do her thing.
The cat was very clingy and attached, maybe she thought that Francisca would take her back to the shelter, that’s why she always stay at Francisca’s side.

Bean is the perfect cat for Francisca, It was a destiny because she never expected to adopt an exotic shorthair with medical problems but she fell in love at first sight.
They are really perfect for each other! Bean brought so much joy and love or her companion.

After that, Francisca supports adopting animals because she think that by adopting those homeless animals is like giving their a second chance to have a happy life and to feel loved by humans. They deserve a fair treatments no matter what they look like, no one is perfect as we are too.

It’s so happy to go home after the tiring work knowing that there is someone waiting for you at home and someone who is excited to see you.

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