Shocking and Disgusting Discoveries by Hotel Workers

Opening the door to a world of the unexpected and downright weird is just another day for hotel workers. They’ve stumbled upon some of the most shocking and disgusting things at their workplaces. Let’s take a look at these unbelievable stories shared by hotel workers on Reddit.

1. The Unused Toilet
One hotel worker came across a truly unpleasant surprise when cleaning a guest’s room. After the guests had checked out, there were rolled-up towels on the floor. Although this was not uncommon, something was off. As the worker started picking up the towels, they discovered a pile of feces underneath them. The stench was overpowering. To their horror, they found at least ten more piles of feces mixed with urine in the shower, hidden behind the shower curtain. What a messy situation!

2. The Pizza Puzzle
In another bizarre incident, a hotel worker found an entire pizza in a guest’s room. But this was no ordinary pizza. It seemed like the guest had used the pizza in the most unusual ways. Slices of pizza were smeared all over the TV, as if they were trying to watch the cheesiest show ever. But the mystery didn’t end there. The worker discovered more slices of pizza in unexpected places – the dresser, the nightstand, the sheets, and even the bathroom sink. The final piece of the puzzle was found smeared on the inside of a lampshade. Talk about a strange craving!

3. The Mouse
Sometimes, hotel workers encounter unwelcome guests of the furry kind. In this unforgettable story, a woman stayed at a guesthouse with her husband. She complained to the owners about strange noises and finding their belongings nibbled on. To their shock, the woman dropped a live mouse on the front desk, demanding a refund for the entire week. The owners, suspecting foul play, inspected the couple’s room and found no evidence of a mouse infestation. They stood their ground and threatened to involve the police if the couple didn’t leave immediately. The couple threatened to sue, but fortunately, they never heard from them again.

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