The Kitten Is Adopted By Rescue Bunny Who Later Becomes Her Best Friend

Echo and Ahsoka immediately bonded well. The 12-week-old kitten and the 5-year-old rescue rabbit spend most of their days together. Although Ahsoka had her own feline siblings, she chose her closest rabbit companion for everything, especially snuggling, despite having them as siblings.

“We thought having siblings would be great [for Ahsoka] and they’d be together, and it would all be grand,” Ryanne Palermo, Echo and Ahsoka’s mom, told The Dodo. “But she chose the bunny over her own [littermates] and bonded to Echo instead.”

Echo, who Palermo rescued from The Animal Foundation, protected Ahsoka from other pets in the house and only allowed the cat to enter his cage.

Palermo declared that “Echo ran the home.” Except for Ahsoka, who just adored him, all other animals dreaded him. She served as his queen, and he was the king.

The majority of their time together was spent snuggling when they weren’t watching TV with Palermo.

Echo only wanted to cuddle up with Palermo, her husband, and Ahsoka, she added. “We only exist in Echo’s universe,” said the speaker.

Echo sadly died at the beginning of July. They used to share a bed, and Ahsoka still does, preserving the memories of their special relationship.

Palermo said that “they were often cuddling and sleeping together.” She also liked to tickle his ears. He appeared to enjoy how kind she was all the time.

Palermo said, “They brought so much joy to our life. “Watching them together and feeling so linked just filled our hearts with joy and happiness.”

Palermo has no immediate plans to rescue any more bunnies. If she does, though, “Queen” Ahsoka will undoubtedly be present to show him all “King” Echo taught her and all the hugs they used to share.

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