The Paws Of An Abandoned Siamese Polydactyl Cat Are As Big As His Heart

In the realm of rescue, there are a few things that are sad but true. Every day, cats of different ages, colors, and personalities are captured and rescued from the streets. But that’s when the real work begins. With the fearful soul, you must be patient. You should aim to keep them alive as long as possible so that the transition from homeless to adoptable cat goes as smoothly as possible. Then you have to locate the ideal family to accept them into their house. However, there are some felines for whom the public is always willing to ignore all other adoptable cats. When adopters start asking, “Do you have any Siamese cats?” alarm bells go off right away.

So when the nicest Siamese polydactyl cat was discovered in a nearby colony, rescuers realized he’d have a unique path ahead of him.
Chris Poole, also known as Cat Man Chris, has been watching a feral colony for years. They’ve managed to maintain a bunch of wild cats fed, healthy, and adoptable by collaborating with a group of other committed feeders. It’s not just near a new construction site with potential hazards, but it’s also at a major crossroads. And, on the other side, a field with several stories of coyote hunting.\

But then he got a call from Christine, one of the caring ladies, who had seen a new face. And there was a colossal Siamese lad who was unconcerned about her. They assumed he had been abandoned or had escaped from his home as a result of this. He approached her fearlessly, pleading for pets and food.

He was starving and would devour everything she put in front of him. She also gave him catnip, which he enjoyed, solidifying their friendship.
Christine had little trouble fitting the sweet kid into a carrier the next morning, and he was on his way to a new home. He was scooped up by Cat Man Chris and taken to his “Catty Shack,” where he would be secure.

His giant heart-shaped Siamese polydactyl paws grabbed through the cage bars almost immediately, begging for attention.
With that, he was given the name Valentino as his first name.

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