The Survival Of Newborn Kittens That Spent The Night On The Freezing Ground Is A Miracle

Marty, a compassionate woman from Las Vegas, discovered three newborn kittens a week ago. They were in the bushes, chilling, and the mother cat was nowhere to be seen.

One of the neighbors asked for help from Nikki Martinez, an experienced animal advocate.

“Marty was out on a stroll with her dogs when one of them became quite interested in the nearby shrubs. “She followed and discovered three newborn kittens that were still bound by the umbilical cord,” Nikki explains.

Nikki was out of town at the time, but she gave the woman instructions on how to care for the infants until she returned the next day. Marty dashed to the supermarket to get up newborn kitten chow and other necessities. She started feeding the kittens when she got home, and the next morning she took them to work with her to give them a bottle every couple of hours.

“It was a chilly night, and when she found them, they were quite cold and rigid.”

Nikki took the babies, and then they combed the area in the hope that a cat mother would be found, but she was gone. Then Nikki contacted Trap Neuter Return, a stray cat rescue group from the east side of Las Vegas.

The kittens looked weak, they were born no more than 24 hours ago. “They are not getting mother’s milk, which is necessary for immunity. It’s a miracle they’re still alive,” says Nikki.

“As long as it benefits them, I’m willing to give them all I have.”

Nikki constructed a cozy bed with numerous heat sources to keep the children warm at all times and began feeding them every two hours. Cookie, Potato, and Bun are the names given to the fur balls.

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